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Herbal Medicine has already been in use in China for thousands of years and there are over 5 000 different kinds. Herbal Medicine can be used single or in formula: a combination is more popular, as it is more effective.
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Chinese herbal medicine consultationThere are thousands of different formulas which are divided into 16 main categories for example detoxification, boosting the immune Chinese herbal medicinesystem, adjusting the body, treating the cause of the disease, helping to release symptoms, etc. In the dermatological field, Chinese Medicine is as effective as western medication (where cortisone is used on skin disorders, for example). A few hundred years ago, Chinese Herbal Medicine already specialised in internal medicine (e.g. orthopaedic, gynaecological, paediatric and dermatological fields).

At Allsenses Wellness Centre, we have a wide variety of Chinese Herbal Medicine on offer. Offering you a holistic alternative to western medication for your particular condition or ailments.

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